Auto Insurance


You have many choices when it comes to insuring your motor vehicle. However, some restrictions and mandates are required by state law. In New York, your coverages must include:

1. No-Fault (Personal Injury Protection) – to pay medical expenses and lost earnings for a driver or passenger injured in, or a pedestrian injured by, your car;

2. Liability – to protect against the harm your car, or any car you drive, with the owner’s permission, might do to other people and their property; and

3. Uninsured Motorists – to protect against the injuries you, your family or your passengers might suffer in a hit-and-run accident or in an accident with an uninsured vehicle.

However, in most cases, the limits required by law are too low. We’ll review your needs and recommend adequate limits for your circumstances.

Other coverages that you should consider or may be required to purchase if you have a loan on your vehicle:

Collision Coverage
With this insurance, your insurer pays you, without regard to fault, for damage to your car.

Comprehensive Coverage
Under comprehensive coverage, your insurer pays you, without regard to fault, for damage to your car from all causes, other than collision, such as theft (of the car itself or its parts), fire, flood, windstorm, glass breakage, vandalism, hitting or being hit by an animal, or by falling or flying objects. If your car is stolen comprehensive coverage will also provide a certain amount per day specified in your policy for transportation expenses (rental car, public transportation, etc.). Generally, this coverage is provided until the time the company makes an offer to settle your claim.

Medical Payments Coverage
This insurance pays, without regard to fault, medical expenses and funeral expenses for you and persons riding with you, if an accident occurs involving your car.

Supplemental Spousal Liability Insurance
While your automobile liability insurance policy provides coverage for every passenger in your vehicle injured in an accident caused by the driver’s negligence, it will most likely not provide any liability coverage when the injured passenger is your spouse. However, insurers are required to offer their policyholders the opportunity to purchase supplemental spousal liability coverage. This insurance covers the liability of an insured because of the death of or injury to his or her spouse for the liability insurance limits provided under the policy.

Other Coverages
Other optional coverages available are:

  • Towing and Labor Coverage
  • Extended Transportation Coverage (Rental Reimbursement)